tektoncd/pipeline for CloudNativeBuildpakcs

tektoncd/pipeline for CloudNativeBuildpakcs

CloudNativeBuildpacksがKnative Buildで対応された瞬間、Knative BuildがDeprecateになり、後継のtektoncd/pipelineにそのexampleがなかったので追加のPRを投げた。

CloudNativeBuildpacks was supported by Knative Build, but Knative Build became Deprecate, and the successor tektoncd/pipeline didn’t have that example, That’s why I make PR.

使い方としてはinputにgitリソースを、outputにimageリソースを渡してあげればシュッとビルドできる。また繰り返し使う場合は、gitリソースの名前にgit hashでもつけて上げて、applyしてあげればキャッシュを効かせつつ再実行することができるだろう。

As a usage, you can build it quickly by giving a git resource to input and an image resource to output. If you want to use it repeatedly, you can add git hash to the name of git resource and apply it, then you can re-execute it while caching.


At that time, git resources will accumulate, so if you don’t like it, you should delete it when CD.

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